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Week 1

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Week 2

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Week 3

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Week 4

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Meet The Team Blog Posts

Animation planning blog post

I’ve been assigned three shots for this project. the first is of my character walking in from off screen to a specific point the moving into shot two where my character prepares for battle by getting into a stance with both his weapons up and ready to charge. Shot three has my character running into the middle of the arena weapons ready and colliding with the other characters.

Muhsen Delamore. (2014, March 30). Mech Warrior Walking Animation [Video File]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0r3hYd0-_k

Vasiliy Dmitriev. (2013, February 18). 3d robot walk [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BXCj2yAPQg

Adam Grimaldi. (2011, June 19). Robot 3D Run Cycle Animation [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sIP0ppgI8A

This is the main storyboard that is being followed for the project but with a few tweaks to it. Such as the drop pod shown in scene 3 and 4 will change so it’s just the pilot coming into view. My robot will walk on in scene 5 instead of falling and in scene 6 all the characters will prepare for battle and then charge together.


I will take on my shots by using a CAT rig to plan how it will look and then make my finished model do the final animations.

These are shots of my mech being created around the CAT rig and soon animated in the style of the videos above.


Picture of the project (My mech waiting for battle)


The final product for Project Titan

Reflect on how you (and your team) have performed with regards to behaviour, collaboration and the major events/issues that occurred during the project:

Large brainstorming session (P – We collected our thoughts and planned for the future. N – Not everyone was onboard or paying attention.) Animatic (P – Everyone provided a great basis to then make everything in 3d. N – Our 2d skills weren’t the best so the animatic looked average at best.) Working with audio students (P – good learning experience and good to have connections in other fields. N – They didn’t understand how long things would take so they started demanding things very quickly.)

We needed to brainstorm so we could wrap our heads around how we were going to take on this project. An animatic was needed so our lecturer could get a grasp on how we were going and it was also needed so we could stick to a plan when creating the final product. We needed to work with other disciplines on this project mainly the audio discipline and one of the biggest takeaways from that would be now we’ve made more contacts within our field and fields that are in the same industry.

If I had taken to heart my role as co-leader of the team then I think I could have got everyone’s attention and made them realise that the info is important and I needed their full attention. If we sought out the best 2d artist in our group and had them teach us some good techniques for concepting then we might have had a better result as a whole. If we had explained to them how long it could take prior to starting our work they might have not had such a hard time understanding that we didn’t have what they wanted and when they wanted it and that it would take longer than planned.

The project plan for project titan was the standard structure that a project plan should be which was simply to read and understand. The project stuck to the overall plan and we achieved what we wanted out of the project. Everything that was discussed in our meetings with the lecturer and each other was delivered very clearly but we had some trouble throughout the trimester acting on some of the recommendations that were suggested for us to implement into the project. After multiple discussions within our team and with the teacher everything was understood and handled examples of what needed to be sorted out was the bones that were rigged to my mech were broken in a sense and I had to just download a patch and the rig would be fixed. Everything worked according to plan and when other members of my team needed assistance with their bones and such I could help out.

Reflect on the roles within the animation production process:

I’d like to improve my leadership skills. This trimester I was co-leading my project and there were multiple occasions where I was needed for leading the group and I would do so but with much hesitation and that’s what I would like to improve on. By putting myself into more situations where I’m needed to be the leader or the driving force behind a project that would help build my confidence in my ability to be a leader.

Everything that I needed to do for the project I compleated mostly by myself and occasionally with some assistance from my fellow teammates. I found that everyone else in my team did the same so everyone handled their responsibilities well. As one of the leaders in my team, I felt I wasn’t really noticed. I believe that was because I was rather shy about my role and I didn’t openly lead I more or less an overseer for the project.

Specialisation Blog Posts

Research Blog Part 1

At this point in time, this is the latest asset I’ve made. This was my best attempt at making an organic model and I believe I did a pretty good job but I want to become better at organic shapes through this project.


By the end of this trimester, I want to be at a stage where I can create something to this standard.

Tree Trunk [Image] (2012). Retrieved from https://hmmatthews.wordpress.com/Firstly

I’m going to watch tutorial videos about the basics of Mudbox and secondly I need to watch tutorials on how to sculpt organic shapes such as a log or tree trunk. To be able to get to the place where I’d like to be at the end of this trimester, firstly I’m going to watch tutorial videos about the basics of Mudbox and secondly I need to watch tutorials on how to sculpt organic shapes such as a log or tree trunk. My plan is to incorporate my 3D sculpting into my everydays. So by creating something every day for the rest of the trimester, I’ll be able to improve my skills at sculpting and fill out the quota of the everydays.

These are some more examples of what else I’d like to create.


Grey Alien [Image] (n.d.). Retrieved from https://au.pinterest.com/explore/grey-alien/
Demon [Image] (2017). Retrieved from https://chasestone.deviantart.com/art/Demon-309937914
Rock Golem [Image] (n.d.). Retrieved from https://themedevelopmentforgame.wordpress.com/michaels-character-design/

3D Pipeline [Image] (n.d.). Retrieved from http://what-when-how.com/digital-imaging-for-cultural-heritage-preservation/accurate-and-detailed-image-based-3d-documentation-of-large-sites-and-complex-objects-digital-imaging-part-1/

My Project Pipeline
1. Idea brainstorming
2. Training with Mudbox
3. Mass production of sculpts
4. Detailed final sculpt

Research Blog Part 2

These are the video tutorials that I’ve followed throughout the trimester and have aided me in getting to the point I am now with my skills in the program.

This is the basics of how to use Mudbox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3qZwt5l3xE
Autodesk. (2014, May 9). Mudbox for beginners [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3qZwt5l3xE

This is a tutorial on how to sculpt a head in Mudbox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh0mZcblVJ4
James Taylor. (2014, March 27). Mudbox basic head sculpting tutorial [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh0mZcblVJ4

This is a tutorial on how to sculpt creatures in Mudbox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyEskNucw6E
Vjanomolee. (2016, September 20). Mudbox 2017 tips for creature creation – live stream [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyEskNucw6E

This is a tutorial on how to paint in Mudbox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv8eI_Y6knE
jCone_Cecil. (2015, October 12). Basic Painting in Mudbox Tutorial 01 [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv8eI_Y6knE

This is a tutorial on how to pose models in Mudbox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upLUFDbelRY
LinkedIn Learning Solutions. (2012, July 27). Mudbox tutorial: How to pose a model / Linder.com [Video file].  Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upLUFDbelRY

This is a folder that my lecturer provided me to work with – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7-r4vIFJiECTVplNk41andWak0

This is the specific video I’ve followed from the folder.

Rydoss111. (2017, August 25). 05 Stump Sculpt [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbpxdiNe8Aw

These are the results of what I produced after watching the tutorial.


After watching the first tutorial video which was the basics of Mudbox. Here is an example of what I got from it.
W4 ValleyW5 ThumbW9 Thin ManW9 Fat Man

These sculpt’s are just basic examples of how I used the sculpt tool to rais the ground and make it look like a valley with mountains, the smooth tool to make the head loose all expression and bulge tool to make the man very thin and very fat.

After watching the third tutorial video which was creating a creature in Mudbox. Here is an example of what I got from it.
W4 Demon CowW4 Demon LizardW10 Weird T-Rex

I was experimenting with all the tools I had used in the previous post on the cow, lizard and the T-rex.


Picture of the project (Tree stump)


This is the final product of my Specialisation Project

I believe that my progress throughout the whole project was very progressive and from having never 3D sculpted before at the beginning of the trimester to being able to complete over 20 individual sculpts for my Everydays and more thorough sculpts is a great example of the distance I’ve travelled this trimester. I believe that my goal to continuously make a 3D sculpt every day didn’t go as planned because as the trimester progressed my time management skills didn’t hold up and I started to resort to completing 2D drawings because I was running out of time and I couldn’t dedicate enough time to creating 3D sculpts for my Everydays.

I want to tackle more certificated sculpting projects next time. Such as attempting to sculpt my favourite video game character or movie character or using an example of a large landscape preferably a mountainous valley. I have gained much knowledge within the program Mudbox. I wouldn’t say that I know everything about this program but I feel that I know enough of the basics to be confident in using most of the tools that Mudbox offers. One of the biggest take away’s I’ve found after working on this project would be that I can now take a sphere and mould it into an organic shape such as a rock with great ease and from having never dabbled in organic shapes before but I think I’ve made great progression.

I would like to try my hand at the 3D sculpting program zBrush. From what my fellow peers that were working with me in our sculpting group have told me it is vastly superior to Mudbox. The main reason I’d like to get into working with zBrush is because it’s the industry standard for 3D sculpting and personally I’d like to be able to use the software that the industry I’m entering uses.

Cross-Discipline Blog Posts


Pictures of the project (Alien plant & Steampunk table)

This is the final product of my Cross-Discipline Projects

My time working with my Cross-Discipline teams went about as well as I was expecting. We were instructed to make a certain amount of assets in that given time and have them textured and animated as well. My peers and I spread out our workload effectively but we made sure that everyone had an even share. Overall I think that both projects went well but unfortunately, they were set back and they have yet to be completed.  My second project was a bit rough. Because this project was brought up in the last 2 weeks of trimester we didn’t get enough time to get all the assets finished and textured. Though this was a large drawback, in the end, the project lead is eager to continue working on this project and as am I.

I would be more confident in myself and my communications skills when it comes to inquiring with the other studios and the other disciplines if they have any projects they’d like to work on or if I end up having an idea that I’d like to proceed with, being able to present myself professionally is a must have. It’s always nice to have your fellow students look out for you and hook you up with projects and such but I’d much prefer to find my own. From my time working in both projects, I’ve learned that being able to communicate well and make the other person or people know what you need or how to make yourself open so they can feel comfortable working with you.

I’m planning on trying to find or make a cross-discipline project that is more focused on 3D sculpting. If I can find a team that needs assets made in 3D I’m going to suggest that I make them via sculpting through Mudbox or if I can come up with an idea that is based on a sculpted environment that would be a nice path to go down.